Book Review July 2024

Holding by Graham Norton

I read this book because it had been made into a ITV series last year and while I didn’t take to the series as I thought the characters were all a bit flat I thought I would give the book a go as I was hoping it would grow on me as I had this preconceived idea that this was going to be a story about huge event in a small community in rural Ireland where every knows something about the event but no one knows the whole picture and where the event itself is never talked about for fear of shame. It is not too dissimilar to the recent Netflix series Bodkin.

As to the book itself I can happily say that it wouldn’t win any literary awards but it is good holiday reading material and the plot has enough twists and turns to make it interesting as they try to discover the reason for the body on the farm. In this respect, it did fulfil my expectation because if the whole community shared what they know the issue would have been solved a generation before. But I guess that is the point. Enjoyable as a good read but not much brain power required. A good bit of fun if you like that sort of thing but I will not be running for the next Graham Norton book.

Church of Ireland parishes in Collooney, Ballymote and Ballisodare