Book Review December 2022

In the Grip of Grace by Max Lucado is one of a couple of books I have reread recently that have been reminders of God’s Grace, the subject of a couple of recent sermons. I have been reminded that no matter how good we are, we are still sinners in God’s eyes. We are in reality only really worthy of being swept away and disposed of and yet God in his infinite wisdom seems to want us back and make us clean and acceptable to him. It is an awesome thought.

Max Lucado in this book looks at the fact that we cannot fall outside of God’s love. Even the worst of the worst can find a place with God. This book is in fact a study on the book of Romans. Romans is a notoriously difficult book to understand even with some theological training behind you but Max Lucado’s style makes it easy to cope with. Indeed, his book makes sense even if you don’t read the sections of Romans to which he refers.

Chapters are a manageable size and Lucado, a well-known Christian author breaks the study down into three sections. Firstly, “What a Mess” which highlights, what is the case in so many of Paul’s letters. The people to whom his letter is addressed have got themselves in a bit of a pickle, just like we do. The second is “What a God” which reminds us of who our faith is in and the final part is “What a Difference” which is the realisation of our failings and God’s grace.

In one way this book is Romans the easy way but even apart from Romans it is a good reminder of a God who is a God of Grace.


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