Honesty is a very important virtue to have because if people are honest you can trust them.  And trust is a very important thing because we cannot survive on our own, we are designed for community living.  We need to interact with others.  As babies and young children, we trust our parents.  We trust them to take good care of us.  We expect them to be honest to us.   A similar line applies with our teachers but as we grow up it seems as though we become more cynical and less trusting of other people.

I remember an old article in the newspaper about those in society we trusted.  What I remember most was that there had been a significant decline in the trust of priests, the police and of course, bankers.  As a priest this was worrying because there was a time when the two most trusted people in town would have been the local doctor and the vicar but clearly this is not true anymore.  However, the survey was taken at a time when scandal was rife in the church, most notably the Roman Catholic church in Ireland and Canada, the police were suffering setbacks because of humiliating incompetence and corruption and I fear I need to say little as to why trust has fallen in bankers.

We therefore trust people who are honest.  Do you recall the story of ‘the boy who cried wolf’?  It was the boy’s lack of honesty that meant people didn’t trust him and in his hour of need, of course, his lack of honesty cost him his life.

Being honest is always the best thing.  It can never be wrong.  We might not always like what happens as a result of us being honest but it is right.

And God wants us to be honest with him too.  And he says that when we are, he will set us free from our guilt.  So, we shouldn’t conceal those parts of our lives that we are ashamed of, but we should be honest with God, after all, he knows it anyway!  And if he knows it anyway, then why not be set free from our guilt.  So, my prayer for you is that you too will have the strength to be honest with God about the things that need cleaning up in your life so that he can set you free and when you are free the Bible tells us that we will soar like on eagle’s wings.  Let’s soar!

Andrew Ison