Sign of Hope

I was reading a booklet recently about how church has become a hybrid church, having had to develop online activities as much as gathering together, physically.  In it were the recent experiences of three priests but the one that struct me was of a Catholic priest from Malta who had been very aware, as have I, that many older members did not use the internet and therefore, church had become something for the tech savvy people only.  One thing they had done was to physically go and broadcast the rosary calling people to come to their windows etc. to participate.  I suspect he benefitted from the architecture as much as the weather.

However, in trying to address the fact that the elderly may be feeling forgotten one of the things he wrote about was visiting the elderly without endangering health.  Calling on the esteemed role of Mary in the RC church they noted that a pregnant Mary could have offered little physical assistance to the older Elisabeth except to have brought hope-filled accompaniment.

So, while we too may not always be able to help physically let us visit (FaceTime, Messenger, phone, text or E-mail) the lonely, the elderly and the isolated as symbols of a hope-filled accompaniment of a brighter tomorrow.

Image from Singh from the Hearth

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